Not everyone has an outdoor space to grow vegetables. The Lettuce Ladder enables people to utilize a window in their home to grow various lettuce products, or a combination of herbs like Basil, thyme, oregano, mint etc. or cherry tomatoes, strawberries and hot peppers.

The Lettuce Ladder has been carefully crafted and constructed into a beautiful hydroponic kit that includes everything one needs to get started and grow at all times of the year, even created for those who have gardens. Why stop growing just because it's September or October. Start your indoor garden in the fall months for vegetables or herbs in January through whenever with a soil-less, clean, attractive system. Once set up, all you have to do is change your reservoir once a week, check your pH, and you're off and running. You will have instructions, suggestions and pictures to help you along.

The Lettuce Ladder utilizes a very small space yet can produce a variety of vegetables. It's great for apartments, homes and condominiums, even businesses and most would agree, growing your own produce is better than trusting where you are buying your vegetables from and what's in them.

We believe that this system can be utilized by many people, either as a hobby or an introduction as to how hydroponics works without the need for a large scale horizontal unit. Without soil, without bugs, without worrying about the weather. Its user provides a sunny window and moderate temperature, a weekly nutrient change and a love to grow plants. We provide a generous growing kit that incorporates everything to get an enthusiast growing hydroponically. You can even grow fresh flowers if you wanted- in January!!! Affordable growing, fun and educational, clean and unique. That's the Lettuce Ladder. 

What do plants need to grow?