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Indoor Drip Irrigation Systems.

   A basic definition of a drip watering system is to ‘ provide a slow stream of water to plants, allowing the moisture to seep into the roots steadily, but slow enough so the substrate you are using, ie clay pellets,  grow plugs or rockwool, can thoroughly absorb the moisture.’ A properly designed and constructed drip system will improve root development.

In the case of a  “vertical” drip irrigation system like the Lettuce Ladder, plants receive water in drips and those drips fall down onto the next set of plants and then onto the next

as shown here.set-up


A good system will allow the user to direct the water for each plant so  that all of the root systems are getting needed  moisture. The Lettuce Ladder allows you to rotate your growing pots to put the water where you want it. Having water distributed evenly across the surface will produce the best roots possible and in turn, create a healthy plant.





If you want maximum yield, you want maximum roots. Here are two photos of one tomato plant growing in just one Lettuce Ladder grow pot.

As you can see, this plant is being watered correctly. There are soo many fibrous roots they have taken over the entire growing cup and the roots are also wrapped around the clay pellets. (Some pellets were removed to show the mass extent of the tomato roots.)







Maximum roots = Maximum yield. In this second photo, you can see how this same, single plant produced many flowers which will soon become cherry tomatoes.


(The plant itself was a small clone from a parent plant. It was cloned in May of 2016 from stem stalk of a previously cloned cherry tomato plant and is approximately 2 ½ feet in height.)

How many flowers can you count? Now imagine you grew this tomato in November, you would have a bounty of fresh cherry tomatoes in January. Yep, bragging rights for sure.

So, having a small vertical drip irrigation system allows you to grow cherry tomatoes now or in the winter! The trick is slow irrigation so the roots can absorb the needed nutrients.  The Lettuce Ladder gives you the opportunity to grow vegetables, herbs and fancy lettuces year round. We have created a vertical, space saving hydroponic system which is a wonderful way to introduce anyone to soil-less growing.

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