Hydroponic Lighting Tips

Have you ever thought of Hydroponic Gardening?
Basically, Hydroponics is about growing vegetables without soil. Instead of soil, hydroponics uses a water based nutrient solution and a planting medium to get vegetables to grow. And one of the easiest ways to grow vegetables is vertically. The Lettuce Ladder is a personal, self-contained growing system that is energy efficient, portable and adjustable.
Lighting is a subject that requires specific attention and I’ve been asked why lighting is so important. I encourage supplemental lighting to help your vegetables along, but remember that if the light is too far from your plants, they will tend to be stunted and grow in a weak, stretched fashion as they seek to be closer to the light. On the other hand, a supplemental light that is too close to the plants can get then burned and dry out quickly. Most people then ask, “How can you tell which distance is correct?”
This will depend on what supplemental light you choose. I use a 4ft florescent tube light with ballast mounted vertically.


However, there are LED lights, metal halide, HPS and even Plasma… but the last one is really expensive so we won’t discuss that one.

Metal halid 400w
Metal Halide can give you a strong spectrum of blue light, great for vegetable growth but, it will get very hot, so if you choose this light- place it at least 12 inches from your plants.

Using a fluorescent light (6400 K) is cooler so you can put your plants closer, 5 to 6 inches away.

Why would you need extra light anyway? Mostly in the wintertime when the sun is not as warm and the days are shorter. I use supplemental light at all times of the year however.

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