Do's 'N Don'ts of Your Hanging Hydroponics System



Set your timer to keep your soil plugs moist but not saturated. There is a period of trial and error until you figure out the best watering intervals for your plants.

Do increase light if you can. We suggest a tubular grow light set up vertically alongside your Lettuce Ladder.

Test your pH weekly.

Mist plants weekly with a foliar nutrient spray but make sure leaves do not stay wet. High humidity? Don’t mist.

Stir your nutrients solution daily- this increases the oxygen in your reservoir and plant roots need oxygen.

Plant lettuces separately from tomatoes, herbs separate from lettuces, tom’s separate from herbs. Basically, separate leafy plants from flowering/fruiting plants. Give them the right amount of nutrients that they need in the stage they are at the moment in their growth.


Don’t let any water drip down (or over) onto any of your electrical lines and plugs. Always use caution when water and electricity are in close proximately of one another!

Don’t put any solid fertilizers or pellets in your system. No manure, rabbit poop or leaf litter. Use only Liquid Fertilizers that we recommended or recommended by a knowledgeable hydroponics store.

Don’t be a pH chaser. Get your water tested first and get a base line of the pH from your tap. Then if you must adjust pH there are specific hydroponic correcting liquids available.

Pets – Don’t let curious cats get into your system. Dogs too. You may find a big mess if they decide it is something to play with.