Hanging Hydroponics

Floods, droughts, shortened growing seasons and disrupted pollination processes all affect crop production and the cost for consumers

Home Grown Vegetables

chilli-248556_640Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with enough outdoor space for a flourishing vegetable garden, but most do have a window. The Lettuce Ladder provides the consumer with a small scale self-contained, hydroponic growing system which has the potential to maximize efficiency in smaller indoor spaces and provides a way to grow your own vegetables year round with little effort.

There are a few good reasons why growing one’s own food is becoming more of a necessity, but few have embraced the practice. Still, there is a willingness to try self-reliant methods. The Lettuce Ladder can help you grow many different types of lettuces, many herbs and vegetables like tomatoes, ornamental hot peppers, beans, cucumbers and strawberries.

For most hobbyists practicing indoor agriculture, producing food in their hydroponic gardens is becoming more than a novelty. Recent advancements in hydroponics and technology with the potential of a 40% increase in the cost of food over the next 10 years and the practicality of food production in the home is becoming a viable and rewarding alternative. Producing one’s own food adds a heightened sense of security because it gives the consumer control over every variable in the growth and production of his or her food. With GMO’s ( Genetically Modified Organisms) on the rise and the ever expanding questionable practices among our food producers, growing at least some of the vegetables in your home hydroponically becomes a decision based on ones’ morals as much as one’s finances.

Supply and Demand

Besides the weather and production costs (both of which affect supply), one of the largest contributing factors to the increase in food costs is the increase in demand, worldwide demand. Developing nations with booming populations have a hunger for particular foods. This increase in demand pushes up the price of food around the globe, especially when the supply of those particular food products has not increased.

Questionable Food Production Practices

The rising cost of food is the most prevalent reason consumers are looking into alternative sources of food, but it isn’t the only one. Personal ethics and higher moral standards are other reasons we as consumers are looking elsewhere for our food products.

A few issues regarding the production of the food we eat have come into the spotlight. Some conventional methods being used by agriculturalists are linked to the pollution of soils, waterways and livestock. There is also a growing concern regarding the safety and stability of the GMO’s that are already in our food industry and while the farmers and the government officials try to sort it out, we, the consumer is left not knowing for certain if the foods we eat are 100% safe or even if they are 100% food!

Hydroponic Advancements

slide-5Basically, soil less growing environments have come a long way from the big, bulky, horizontal mammoths that we think of when we think hydroponics. Lighting, ventilation, atmospheric control and nutrient chemistry are all contributing factors to the success of an indoor garden and each one is a science in its own right. Yet, most of these factors are easier to use and understand and you do not need a PhD in chemistry to mix a proper nutrient balance. It all depends on the types of plants you want to grow. Once that is decided and you realize that one size does not fit all, you are on your way to growing your own vegetables…in your own window! With the Lettuce Ladder we make it easy-peasy to start growing your vegetables in no time.

So, not matter whether your decision to enjoy a hydroponic garden is based on financial reasons or a feeling of moral obligation or you just want more control over how your vegetables are given to you, producing your own food at home is becoming a realistic option for many people. The Lettuce Ladder fits perfectly in offering city folk, apartment dwellers, condominium owners, etc. the fun and healthy option to, at the very least, supplement some of the produce they would normally purchase...even planting an herb garden is an admirable step towards self-sufficiency. Good for you!!