What You can Grow...

Lettuce Ladder a Hanging Hydroponic Growing System

Parsley, chives, basil, dill, cilantro, oregano, thyme, stevia, cress, sage, rosemary, mint

BGLettuce Ladder a Hanging Hydroponic Growing System

Cherry tomatoes, ornamental hot peppers, strawberries, snap peas, snow peas, beans

BGLettuce Ladder a Hanging Hydroponic Growing System

Arugula, kale, swiss chard, spinach, mesculin mix

The Lettuce Ladder hydroponic systems are perfect for apartments, condominiums, businesses and anyone who loves to garden but may not have the space or outdoor environment to do so.

What's In Your Kit?

Tons of stuff to get you growing in no time!

Lettuce Ladder a Hanging Hydroponic Growing System Kit

Hydroponics Industry On The Increase

In the last 8 years revenue for the hydroponic crop farming industry has maintained positive growth states a report from IBIS World (International Benchmarking of the Information Society).


“The number of people shifting to healthier eating and organic produce steadily increased and due to extreme weather conditions damaging many crops for field farmers, grocer’s stores and farmers’ markets, have turned to hydroponic farmers to meet this growing demand”, states the report.


Source: leamintongrower.com 2013

Hydroponics vs Soil

Space Savings

Hydroponics saves an incredible amount of space compared to traditional soil gardening. Usually, a plant’s roots need space to spread out through the soil. Not anymore! Instead, they are either submerged in a bath of oxygenated nutrient solution or they are grown in a way that uses  a nutrient solution to feed the plants through an irrigation system using gravity. That is what the Lettuce Ladder does. Feeds plants with gravity within a very small area.

Hydrophonics Saves Water

Let’s think about how the average soil gardener waters their plants. Usually every few days they dump a good amount of water into their soil, ensuring good penetration into the soil so the roots can suck it up. Well, unfortunately, some of that water seeps out further into the ground and some of it evaporates out of the soil. So, only a small percentage of the water is used by the plant.

Hydroponics uses what is called a recirculating nutrient reservoir in most types of systems This means that a plant’s roots will only take up the amount of water they need at any one time and leave the rest in the reservoir for later. You can save around 90% of the water used in soil gardening and the Lettuce Ladder is a great way to introduce yourself to hydroponics.

No Weeding Necessary

One of the most common reasons that people say they don’t want to garden is: I don’t want to spend all of my time on my hands and knees weeding! Easy solution. Switch to hydroponics. No soil, no weeds. Simple as that.

Less Pests and Diseases

Following that same logic, pests and diseases are drastically reduced in hydroponics. Soil is taken out of the picture and replaced with one of the common hydroponic growing media’s. Eliminating soil also eliminates a lot of the different soil borne diseases and pests that plague traditional gardening.

Time Savings

Not only does growing hydroponically save you the time of weeding, pest control and watering, it also speeds up the growth of the plant.

For example, you can take a fancy lettuce from seedling to harvest in around a month in hydroponics compared to two months in soil. Imagine how much faster you could become a gardening expert with a time savings like that!

Gives You The Control

All of the reasons above combine to form one powerful reason why hydroponics (and all soilless growing, for that matter) absolutely dominates soil gardening- That being ‘control.’  You become the master of your plant’s environment. It’s up to you to create the perfect nutrient mixture, temperature, humidity and growing schedule. You run the show. You turn the sun on and off. You control when your plants get fed and what they eat. You’re fully responsible for their well-being. It’s a beautiful thing.

You Get To Become a Scientist

All of the additional control you have over your growing environment makes for a great way to learn how to grow plants. You can tweak the variables and see how your plants react. You get to customize the “environmental recipe” to whatever plant you’re growing.

Believe me when I say that each plant is unique. Figuring out what adjustments you should make to your environment when you’re growing lettuce vs. basil is like solving a puzzle: you need to make the pieces fit together to produce a great final product.

That’s part of the fun of it! The Lettuce Ladder, a Hanging Hydroponic System, provides a miniature lab for you to experiment and open up a world of soilless growing.


I received my Lettuce Ladder the other day.The instructions were quite detailed and it was easy to set up and got everything working. I plan on starting lettuce seeds this fall and look forward to getting fresh veggies this winter. I picked up some nutrients and checked my pH, all good to go.
I have always been interested in Hydroponics. I really like the idea of a vertical system because most are horizontal and require alot of room. I live in an apartment and the Lettuce Ladder fits in my window. I consider hydroponics a hobby and like the fact that I can grow without the need for soil. Pretty cool!
I bought this as a gift for my mom and she loves it. Now she can grow fresh herbs in the winter and not worry about bad weather and having to go out and pickup thyme or oregano at the store. It's very easy to set up and get started. A pack of seeds and some liquid nutrients, that's pretty much it.
I love my Lettuce Ladder! It's so convenient to cook with fresh herbs at my fingertips! In five short weeks I was able to grow basil like nobody's business! My family loves pesto all year long.

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